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established in 2014

We were established in 2014 by a team of individuals with a passion for teaching. We were previously known as "The Oxford Spires Summer School".

our mission

Our summer school aims to provide ambitious and curious individuals with an incomparable summer experience focused on (1) Law, Business & International Relations, and (2) Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Economics (see our programmes: LEAP  and STEP). What distinguishes us and makes us unique is that we bring in not just academics to deliver our lectures and classes, but also professionals - lawyers, civil servants, diplomats, bankers and consultants, who share their knowledge, expertise and experiences. This sheds light on the practical application of academic subjects, what it takes to pursue a career in these fields, and gives a snapshot of what these professions are really like.


international cohort

We have thrived on the philosophy of learning without borders. Since our establishment, our student cohorts have consistently been extraordinarily diverse and international. Being able to meet with and learn from peers of different cultures not only enhances students' learning experiences, but also provides them with the opportunity to establish a global network of friends.

dedicated team of support

and teaching staff

Our programme attracts young and ambitious students who are in the final stages of their secondary education. Students have always benefitted from having the opportunity to establish close links with our staff, which is made up of current and recent graduates of world-renowned universities (such as University of Oxford, Yale University, UCL, LSE and KCL), as well as working professionals, lecturers and professors.

guest lecturers

Each year, we invite a number of guest lecturers to our summer school to provide our students with a chance to meet with professionals in the subjects we offer. ​
To date, we have welcomed on board a team of American and British qualified lawyers, civil servants, investment bankers and university lecturers and professors. 

extracurricular activities

We arrange a wide variety of extracurricular activities for our students each summer. In addition to giving our students the opportunity to explore Oxford and London, the activities are also designed for students to get to know each other outside of the classroom and to strengthen their teamwork and leadership skills.


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If you are ambitious and have a desire to learn more about Law, Business & International Relations, as well as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Economics, we would really love to hear from you!


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