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Student Testimonials
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It was overall absolutely amazing ,12/10, it gave great memories and an unforgettable experience, ranging from interesting and mentally stimulating lectures to fun activities where we could bond and laugh with the other students while on some events simultaneously enjoy a competitive edge during games and quizzes.

- Valeriya (UK/Ukraine)
Class of 2023

Being a beginner to both AI and Law didn’t pose an issue at Adeline college as the teachers were able to cater to those of different levels in these subjects. I came in as a STEM kid and left having the knowledge on how to create an shakespearean n-gram inspired by chat-gpt and even judged two mock trials. You will get the best of both worlds.

- Kiki (UK)
Class of 2023

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*This testimonial video was organised and produced by Mia A., who attended Adeline College in the summer of 2019.

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