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Class of 2019 - Days 6-7

Days 6-7: It was a great honour that we welcomed the Minister of Economy of Abkhazia to our summer school! It was also a great honour to have guest lecturer Nita Nicole Updahye of NNU Immigration Limited to come and give our students a very informative session on US immigration and a general overview of different visa categories!

Liuchana: "The thing which I liked most about yesterday was our lecture about Immigration. the lecturer explained to us quite clear so I discovered a lot of new information about different kinds of visa and it can be very helpful for me in the future. Oh, yesterday’s food has to be mentioned. It was really delicious! moreover, The Minister of Economy also came to us today and yesterday we were preparing a presentation about our country. we didn’t sleep late and woke up at 7 o'clock to rehearse. I think everything went well and we presented our country with dignity."

Amazing presentation of Abkhazia from our Abkhaz students! Very captivating dancing and singing:

Mary: "Today was a very productive and great day! The most important part of today was our presentation about Abkhazia and the debate evening. It was such an amazing experience. We have done a lot of hard work and everything went pretty good. Unfortunately, several mistakes were made, but we are here to study and we are going to fix everything. There was a quote in our presentation today: “Learning is the eye of the mind”. We are doing our best but the results want to be better. Moreover, I want to say a few words about guys, who are studying here with us and have come from different countries: they have done such a great job during our debates and the arguments were very clear and strong. The topic, which our group “Phoenix” was talking and arguing about was: “should capital punishment be abolished?” Everyone found a lot of interesting information and was sharing it with others to defend their own point of view. In general, it was a fun and long day, but with a lot of new events and unforgettable moments and most important- experience."

Lika: "Today was a very long and hard day. My compatriots and I had to make a presentation about the country and present it to Adeline College. It was very nerve-wracking, but I consider that we succeeded. Further, we had two remarkable lectures and preparation for a debate! It was the first experience in my life. And I guess I really want to take part in it again!"

Valeriia: "A few words about this wonderful day. So, first of all it was quite a difficult and heavy one, we had lots of things to do, but at the same time it was fruitful, full of enthusiastic emotions day, and I was pleased to be part of this fascinating participation. We opened the day with welcoming guests from Abkhazia, showing the presentation about our country. Being part of all of this makes me feel happy, feel comfortable. To be honest, It was really a great opportunity to take part in such interesting and useful debates, which we had today. The tasks were worthy of note, the teams were plugged into a real atmosphere of arguing. The main useful thing is that we were prepared for the disputes in advance, we were well informed, we got a fabulous chance to improve our orator skills, skills in law. And I’m grateful to Adeline College for the brilliant holding of debates. The day like this shows all the abilities we have, it proves that we have to improve our knowledge, it proves that there’s always prospectives to grow. Thank you to you all, dear friends."

Sandro: "Today was quite a difficult day, but we learnt a lot. And I think that the Debate night was very interesting and I like things like that. It's also a good opportunity to show how we can speak in this situation. We were arguing and interrupting each other but it wasn't rough, it was funny sometimes and very positive."

Laura: "It was one of the busiest days today, we had a few lectures - for example about EU. At the morning, we saw a presentation about Abkhazia. I found it really interesting and now I'm thinking about some visit in future. Except that, we were preparing almost the whole day for the debate night. It was little bit harder and more stressful for me, but at the end, I enjoyed it. Everything here just becomes better by every little step."

Saria: "Could I imagine a year ago that today I would be writing about my emotions and impressions after spending a week in Oxford, studying in Adeline College such subjects as Law, Economics and International Law.You bet I couldn’t Picturesque places, informative lectures, new experience, group mates from other countries took the significant place in my heart.Today we had a wonderful experience of debate, representing opposition that was against the abolishment of Capital Punishment .That was truly indescribable and I enjoyed it so much.The item was so interesting and I felt great motivation preparing for the debate.My team was highly motivated and probably that is the reason which brought us victory.I was so excited also because I managed to receive 5 points for my team. Still the best is yet to come,I have one week left here, and I’ll do my best to keep it up."


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