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Class of 2019 - Day 3

Day 3: After an informative day in attending lectures on 'Networks, Games, Markets' and 'Law', our students were engaged in an Ashmolean Photo Challenge and an intense battle of Games Night 2! The winning photo is exceptionally artistic...

Congratulations Mia, Diana and Naala! Points to Phoenix!

Mia: "First of all it was a great experience in the museum; it was very interesting, also breathtaking, luxurious. It was a great pleasure. Thank you. Games night was also perfect."

Diana: "This museum was on my must – visit list and you know, I was so happy to hear that we were going there. Even rain did not stop our way to it. The things that I really enjoyed were paintings of Italian Renaissance .It was an amazing day."

Naala: "The Ashmolean Museum is one of the most beautiful museums I have ever been to. One of the pictures I really liked was “A Girl with a Basket of Fruit” by Frederic Leighton. I wanted to imitate it as soon as I saw it. It happened spontaneously. I really enjoyed today."

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