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Class of 2019 - Day 5

Day 5: When you've been studying hard for the past 3 days since arriving in Oxford, what better than to stretch your arms and immerse yourself into the magical world of 'Blenheim Palace'! The winner of the 'Blenheim Palace Photo Competition' is....

Congratulations Liuchana, Lia and Valeria! Points to Kyuubi!

And more amazing photos from the day:

Levon: "Well, it was quite a long and fascinating day with loads of free time, which is amazing. The most important part of today was the visit to the Blenheim Palace, which is an official residency of the Queen’s. The place is an amazing destination for those who are fans of medieval architecture and stuff, which I am kinda not. The palace itself and the surroundings are very nice to walk around and it’s a very good opportunity to experience the live of the past. I hope everyone enjoyed the day, ‘coz spending time with amazing people is fun!"

Milena: "A lovely day out at Blenheim Palace. Very interesting tour of the palace with efficient audio guide. Particularly liked the Winston Churchill exhibits. It was amazing. We saw the room where he was born and it was so impressive to me. Gardens are a pleasure to walk round, plenty of space. Blenheim palace is very impressive, it's huge and the grounds are beautiful and enormous. We spent the best part of a day wandering around the magnificent palace and grounds. I just want to say thank you Adeline College for such opportunity. I’m truly blessed to be here."

Jan: "Today was a good day. So much free time so we can little bit relaxed. But in the afternoon sun was shining and we were on the palace excursion. We have second photo competition in the teams of three where we made batter friendship. In the end of the day was free time but we spend it together playing some game. We have just fun. "


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