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Class of 2019 - Day 4

Day 4: Lectures today included: 'How did US foreign policy make Putin?' and 'The Hierarchy of Law'. We also organised an informative Personal Statement Workshop for our students who wish to apply to pursue their undergraduate/postgraduate studies in the UK. In the afternoon, they went punting and an unexpected situation that we desperately wanted to avoid happened... Vincent fell into the water!

Vincent: "It was a nice day, though the sun’s not shining right up above us, it was still a fascinating day! Today’s main attraction is punting, and obviously I’m excited joining such a hilarious activity. I grouped with 4 other girls as a team, sharing a boat. Things started quite easily, but ended not so well… As I’m controlling the boat, not mastering in punting skills got me crushing on the shores repeatedly. When we were heading back to the starting point, our boat hit the shore again with bushes full of insects. Since I was too afraid of them biting me, I leaned back and fell into the water. Fortunately, with my great swimming skills, I was able to get back onto the boat and punt to the starting point. It was a sad but great experience, feeling how old fishermen live and tried some new things!"

Maria: "Today was just great! After an entertaining punting experience full of laughs and beautiful sights, we’ve had the great opportunity of finishing our day off with a Personal Statement Workshop. In my opinion, this activity has equipped me with some extremely useful tips to orientate my personal statement in the right way and great advice to create a successful Personal Statement. Now it is my turn to work on it!"


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